Walking with God Program

The ‘Walking with God’ program aims to bring young adults together through prayer, reflection and dialogue within an inspiring natural setting. A place where they can experience the presence of God within our environment and on country.

It is a program that seeks to elevate young adults to aspirational leaders in our Church, fostering their interest in social and ecological justice through ministry and care for our common home. The idea of nature-based activities involving contemplation allows opportunity to incorporate Indigenous narratives about caring for country and encourages a holistic and inclusive framework between social and ecological justice and its connectiveness to living out and sharing faith together. ‘Walking with God in nature’ can influence change through the conversion of our hearts when hearing and responding to the call of advocacy for the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. The future of our common home is in the hands of young leaders today moving into the future. We should give bold encouragement when engaging with young adults so we can empower them to advocate for all people to access fair, just and sustainable lives for many generations to come.