Vision and Mission

Caritas Vision Statement

Justice, dignity and hope for humanity and all of God’s creation.

Catholic Earthcare Vision Statement

Catholic Earthcare shares Caritas Australia’s Vision with a particular emphasis on ‘justice and hope for all of God’s creation’.

Mission Statement

In the spirit of Laudato Si’, we work with communities and individuals across Australia to create Earthcarers- a network of living Laudato Si’ communities across Australia. 

We do this by developing and delivering Earthcare Programs, Earthcare Formation and Earthcare Advocacy, and by working with Earthcare Partners, to build an Earthcare Network across Australia in schools, parishes and communities. 


Earthcare commits to assisting the ACBC with its mandate to oversee the global call to undertake the seven Laudato Si’ goals and assist all in the Australian Catholic community share their Laudato Si’ journey on the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

Earthcare is looking forward to assisting with enacting motions pertaining to Earthcare in the Plenary Council.


God of the sun and the moon,

of the mountains, deserts and plains,

God of the mighty oceans,

of rivers, lakes and streams.

God of all creatures that live in the seas

and fly in the air,

of every living thing that grows

and moves on this sacred earth.

Help us to love and respect it.

To repair what we have damaged.

To care for what you have made good and holy.

Give us the wisdom and the passion to change

our minds and hearts and our ways.

Let us be mustard seeds in our world

bringing about ecological conversion which

grows and spreads to every corner of the earth

for our sake now and for

every generation which is to come.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

(Adapted from the Catholic Earthcare Launch 2002)

Our Logo

The Catholic Earthcare Australia colour logo is a central cross against four overlapping circles. The cross illustrates Christ’s burning love for his people. The pink circle represents faith, the green circle represents all living things, the brown circle represents the earth, and the blue circle represents the sky and waterways. The overlapping circles represent how faith, all living things, the earth, the sky and the waterways are all connected and grounded by Christ’s love.