Recycling at Saint David's Parish School

Did you know that Easter egg wrappers CAN be recycled when compacted together as a ball?

Mini Vinnies volunteers from Saint David’s Parish School in Tea Tree Gully, South Australia collected Easter egg wrappers from the School Community in an attempt to recycle as many as possible and to promote an awareness of recycling.

The challenge was to see which sports day team could collect the most wrappers to create the biggest ball. Hundreds of wrappers were brought into school which was fantastic.

Mini Vinnies Volunteers spent time before school in the courtyard with collection boxes promoting the initiative. Then later this term they worked hard during their recess time compacting the wrappers into balls large enough so that these wrappers could be placed in our recycle bin. This was not an easy task. It was great to see that so many Easter egg wrappers were able to be recycled instead of being thrown away in hard waste.

MacKillop Team won this challenge as they had the largest ball of wrappers and received 100 points which were added to their team’s Spirit Cup score.