National Youth Program

We are young people in schools, universities, Parishes and community leading for real change.

Join a national movement of young people around Australia 

Live Laudato Si’, and take the next step in responding to climate, the environment and sustainability.

Earthcare is growing, and we need your help.

Earthcare is designed, driven and led by incredible young people around Austalia. Whether you’re involved in youth ministry, at school, university, or just have a keen passion waiting to be ignited on sustainability, we want to hear from you. Join us, and together we can create an amazing social movement within the Catholic faith that leads, acts and supports those around us to respond to Laudato Si’, and care for our common home.



Leadership isn’t one person – it’s many. The strength of this movement is build on collaboration, sharing and supporting. Start asking questions in Diocese, school and community, gather interested contacts and friends and start thinking about what your Earthcare movement might look like.

We can tap you into the local Earthcare network, or help you establish one!



Become a Student Leader and a founding member of Earthcare in your local Diocese, Parish or Independent schools community with friends and community. Our handy guide here will kick start your journey. 

Alternatively, join the existing Diocese and State leadership teams or by hosting (or attending) a youth summit. Upcoming events can be found here.

Join us, and be the change you want to see.