It’s easy being green!

The new McAuley Community School at Hove in SA has a 6-green star sustainability rating and has an award winning innovative design and architecture.

The contemporary design of the school was influenced by the local environment and close proximity to the Brighton coastline.  The building’s design references the motion of soft waves, shapes of sand movement and through the light framed structures, coastal birds in flight.

A commitment to the local environment follows with a partnership with the City of Holdfast Bay to help care for the Brighton Beach Sand Dunes.  Each quarter, small groups of learners on a rotation basis from years 3, 4 and 5 are accompanied by their Sustainability Educator on a walking excursion, gloves in hand, to care for their local environment.

Their first task was to help plant hundreds of seedlings last year in designated areas with the guidance of local volunteers.  Since that time, it has been their responsibility to help nurture these seedlings by watering them and weeding the area around them.  This is part of the rejuvenation of the sand dunes and McAuley is proud to participate in this ongoing community project.

Maree Mayer, Communications Officer at McAuley Community School