Eco Jesuit Climate Youth Leader; Novita Tonga

Novita Tongo lives in Bandasari, Kalimantan on the island of Borneo Indonesia. Industries such as extraction and palm oil plantations have seen her natural environment altered, so much so, that the rivers dried up in the dry season and locally, the rainforest has been replaced by palm oil monocultures. Novita is grieving, but we are listening, Sr Ana Pina who is part of the Eco Jesuit network has started “Girls Moving Indo” encouraging leadership by Novita. They have begun a bamboo project and Novita shares ‘Nature has put in all its strength to heal me. Today Nature is suffering. It’s a sign for me to do something. It’s a call for me to go ‘Home’, to heal one of its wounded parts. Now. Here. In my hometown. Borneo’.