The Eight Steps to Ecological Dialogue

These steps to ecological dialogue are based on Professor John Kotter’s 8 Step Process for Leading Change. The steps encourage creating a climate for change; engaging and enabling people and organisations and implementing and sustaining change. It is suggested that Catholic Earthcare Schools undertake the steps in this change process as they are reflected in the criteria matrix and the guide for each level. It is important that the whole school engages around a shared vision with specific goals. As time progresses, we hope that the school community will also share the Laudato Si’ goals in families, parishes and organisations. Catholic Earthcare Australia call this change process “The Eight Steps to Ecological Dialogue” and we hope that you and your community will embrace these steps to answer the calls of Pope Francis in Laudato Si’. 


Create a climate for change

Form the heart

Form the heart through ecological literacy, understand your connection to nature as well as the theological and moral imperative to care for our common home.

Build a strong team

Include leaders and representatives from all stakeholders, select two leaders or co coordinators and affirm any ecological practice already done.

Define a new vision

You may have to carry out an environmental review and audits to inform your vision. Choose which Laudato Si’ goals you wish to action and which sustainability projects you will start with, develop an action plan.

Engage and enable people and organisations

Share the vision

Communicate your action plan to all stakeholders and upload it on to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform. Engage and enable all by raising awareness and bringing people along with you.

Empower action

Engage and enable the action by carrying out audits, define the problems and solutions, implement these solutions and advertise the successes.

Create quick wins

Choose a “quick and easy” project for your first project, one where stakeholders will be able to see success with little effort.

Implement and sustain change

Track progress and reflect

Keep a record of audits and improvements undertaken, communicate audit results and improvements to your community, celebrate your successes, reflect on your goals and sustain the transformation.

Animate others

Share and collaborate with like minded organisations, attend Catholic Earthcare Network meetings to collaborate and share with other schools. Partner with sustainability and Laudato Si’ organisations. Gently raise the bar in each cycle of action.