ASSISI – The 2011 Parish Youth Program

Please note that this program was developed in 2011. Whilst ASSISI remains a useful resource for ecological formation, Catholic Earthcare is unable to provide ongoing support with this resource. For ongoing support, we encourage Parishes to contact us to bring the Earthcare Youth Leaders network to your youth ministry and youth parish group.

Catholic Earthcare Australia’s ASSISI for Youth Program is a structured 6 week formation course that aims to immerse young people (14-35) in the call to ecological conversion as well as stimulating leadership and action on sustainability within their parish context.

The program is divided into six core modules, with each module designed to run for 90 minutes.  Provided within each module is a range of resources along with a detailed outline of relevant social processes designed to influence group engagement.

You can dowload the full suite of ASSISI resources below:

How ASSISI Part 1a
How ASSISI Part 1b
How ASSISI Part 2
How ASSISI Part 3
Additional Resources

Additional Materials

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Guiding ObjectivesG

As an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference, the ASSISI for Youth Program provides an opportunity for Catholic Earthcare Australia and the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life, through the Australian Catholic Youth Council and Senior Youth Ministry Projects Officer to meet the three goals and eight focus areas identified within the Comprehensive Youth Ministry Framework outlined in Anointed and Sent.

  • develop an experience in and understanding of ecological spirituality in the context of Catholic Social Teaching, science, scripture and theology
  • develop the critical thinking of our young people in order to respond with hope and creativity to the challenges of our time
  • provide leadership and training formation for young people within the context of the parish community
  • begin a strategic and holistic response to the call for ecological conversion by offering structured opportunities to engage other members of the parish and wider community in response to the need for ecological conversion
  • provide opportunities for spiritual formation

Key Focus Areas

1.          The Awesome Universe: (an introduction of what the Catholic tradition reveals about God’s creation and an exploration as to the participant’s personal relationship with creation)

2.          The Universe and Me – a deeper and more critical self reflection about one’s personal story in the context of a relationship with God’s creation

3.          Responding to the Signs of the Times – The Wonder of God’s Creation: an exploration of what Catholic Social Teaching and science reveals about God’s creation

4.          Being the Signs of the Times: a focus on dialogue and interplay between  one’s personal story and the revelation of God’s creation

5.          Visioning the Kingdom – a process of naming and claiming the collective vision of the parish community in the context of ecological sustainability

6.          Ecological Praxis:- developing an action plan to bring about the collective vision of the parish community.

Associated files for download

ZIP Package 1 – “Why ASSISI”

Download link for files:


  1. Why ASSISI
    • ASSISI Model (Generic)
    • ASSISI Model (Schools)
    • On Holy Ground – South Australian Edition
    • ASSISI Overview
    • ASSISI Briefing Paper (Generic)
    • ASSISI Briefing Paper (schools)
    • CEA Mandate
    • CEA Strategic Intent
    • ASSISI Nurturing Communities for Transformation

ZIP Package 2 – “How ASSISI”

Download link for files:
How ASSISI Part 1a
How ASSISI Part 1b
How ASSISI Part 2
How ASSISI Part 3


  • Caring For God’s Creation
    • Visioning 1
    • Visioning 2
    • Visioning 3
    • Blank Reflections on the Day – evaluation
    • Sample book – St Pius X, Adamstown
    • Catholic Social Teaching – PowerPoint
    • Caring For God’s Creation – PowerPoint
    • Caring For God’s Creation – How Did We Get Here? – PowerPoint
  • Sustainability Steering Group [SSG}
    • SSG Reading – ‘Conversation as Core Business Process’
    • SSG Reading – ‘Conversational Inquiry as an Approach to Organisational Development’
    • ASSISI SSG Outline
    • SSG Formation
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Curriculum Questionnaire
    • Draft SSG Purpose
  • Planning
    • A2 Poster
    • Mapping poster
    • Laying the Foundations
    • Cornerstones to strategies
    • Draft Vision
    • Draft Planning Guide
    • SEMP template
    • SEMP Example

ZIP Package 3 – Additional Materials I

Download link for files:
Additional Resources


  • One Earth
    • Poster
    • Poster K-2
    • Poster 3-12
    • Flyer – invitation
    • Award Night Program
    • Award Night Sample Student Speaking template
    • Entry Form K-2
    • Entry Form 3-12
    • Program Step Guide
    • Sample Award Night Run Sheet
  • Deep Innovation on…
  • Oxford Seven Acupuncture Points…
  • Art of Powerful Questions
  • Arts of the Wise Leader – Conversation
  • Drawing Forth Persona Vision
  • Eco Christian Spirituality…
  • Ecology and Faith in Jesus…
  • Laudato S’ (full text)
  • Moore Praxis Model
  • Pedagogy of Place Arenas
  • Personal Sustainability Action Plan Workbook
  • Theory U Summary…