Who we are

Catholic Earthcare Australia is the ecological agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference. We were established in May 2002 and received our present Mandate in 2003. In 2017 Catholic Earthcare was brought under the banner of CARITAS Australia which provides the back office support for Catholic Earthcare enabling inter agency collaboration, particularly around Climate Justice.

Our vision is for an ecologically sustainable and resilient Australia, where Catholic communities play an active part in the holistic care of social, human and environmental ecology.

What we do

Catholic Earthcare Australia’s core business is to foster a life-long journey of ecological conversion – being attentive and responsive to God and Creation at every moment. We bring together faith and science to offer initiatives, programs and practices to care for and protect our planet. 

As an executive agency of the Bishops Commission for Justice, Ecology and Development. Catholic Earthcare acts as an advisory agency to the BCJED on ecological matters, including the safeguarding of the integrity of Creation, environmental justice and ecological sustainability. 

Catholic Earthcare is mandated to give leadership in response to Blessed Pope John Paul II’s call for ‘ecological conversion’ of the world’s peoples and more recently enacting responses to Laudato Si through education, advocacy and network development

This includes:

  • Carrying out research, from the perspective of scripture and the Church’s environmental and social justice teachings
  • Developing national networks, with a view to initiating, linking, resourcing and supporting ecological endeavours within the Church, and extending the hand of friendship and cooperation to other like-minded groups working in the broader community
  • Undertaking initiatives by encouraging a reverence for Creation, a responsible stewardship of Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems, and providing a voice for the victims of pollution, environmental degradation and injustice
  • Providing educational materials and services to Catholic schools, organisations,congregations and parishes – particularly information to assist in the carrying out of environmental audits and the implementation of more ecologically and ethically sustainable practices

For more information please see our Mandate for Catholic Earthcare Australia and our Statement of Strategic Intent 2016

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Reference Group Membership

Catholic Earthcare Reference Group Membership

We are delighted to reform the Catholic Earthcare Australia Reference Group which will help guide our strategic planning with Laudato Si at its heart.

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Bernard Holland

Our Team

Bernard Holland
Director, Catholic Earthcare Australia
Phone: 0400 156 249
Email: bernard.holland@caritas.org.au
Bernard’s mission in life is to make a difference by facilitating a sustained improvement in the economic, social and ecological benefits within civic society.

Sue Martin
Catholic Earthcare NSW
Email: sue.martin@caritas.org.au
Sue works closely with the Eco-Jesuits, the Earth Ministry within the Parramatta Diocese and comes from an extensive career in environmental education. Sue also runs Sustainable Schools NSW.

Clare Vernon
Coordinator, Youth Eco-Summit
Email: clare.vernon@caritas.org.au
Clare comes from a background in environmental volunteering – in particular, Landcare. Clare is passionate about engaging and empowering young people to take action on the environmental issues that matter to them.

ASSISI Animator Program 2014

ASSISI Animator participants 2014


ASSISI (A Strategic, Systems-Based, Integrated Sustainability Initiative) is our major initiative that enables individuals and organisations to become ecologically sustainable. Changing an organisation is challenging. That is why, through ASSISI, we have created a framework, formation programs, models and resources informed by the best available social science concepts, methodologies and tools.

ASSISI is currently being implemented in schools, agencies, hospitals and religious orders around Australia.

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