Video production underway for World Environment Day resource

Gardening Video interviews

Tristan from Chello films one of the students at St Patrick’s Primary School

Stop motion video shoot

Stop motion video shoot

Every year we release a new resource that helps to enable a loving and sustainable relationship with the natural world. In 2015 we are celebrating the UN International Year of Light and Year of Soils, so we are producing a video about gardening, which is a perfect way to illustrate the vital and interconnected role light and soil play.

The theme of the video is ‘Share, Care and Connect’, and it explores the important role gardens play in connecting communities and creating a common home, in the schoolyard and beyond. We collaborated closely with Clare Maloney, a long-time friend of Catholic Earthcare, who has worked with school gardening programs for many years. The company Chello are helping with the video production.

Katie from Catholic Earthcare with St Patrick's students

Katie from Catholic Earthcare at St Patrick’s

We were very kindly invited to film the video in NSW at Mamre House, St Marys and St Patrick’s Primary, Blacktown on the 4th of May (to read more about the shoot at St Patrick’s, please visit Clare Maloney’s school gardening blog). The stop motion section of the film was shot in Rose Bay on the 12th of May.

The video will be released on World Environment day on June 5 and posted on our website.


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