Prayer – A Covenant with this Land

Meditation seatThis prayer was written by Fr Eugene Stockton and originally appeared in his book ‘Aboriginal Gift: Spirituality for a Nation’.

Fr Eugene lead Catholic Earthcare in this prayer during a meditation day in the Blue Mountains on February the 25th, 2015. Pictured above was one of the spots in the Mountains where we sat and reflected on our relationship with God and the natural world.

Today we make

a covenant with this land.

As a branch is grafted onto a mature stock

so we want to be grafted onto the ancient

heritage of this land so that its life

may flow through our ours.


We commit ourselves to the land about us

and to all who belong to it, both those who

are indigenous and those newcomers who

have similarly bound themselves to this land.

We will care for this, our mother, and for her

children with gentleness, patience,

simplicity and compassion.


Rather than as a right of property, we will

see the land as a gift to us, for which we are

wholeheartedly thankful, and we undertake

the glad duty of looking after this gift

till the day of account.


We give thanks for all of the goods of the

earth – air, water, power, food and all the

riches above and below the ground – and

we undertake to use them as we need

sparingly and thoughtfully.

 To read more about our trip to the Blue Mountains with Fr Eugene Stockton please see Brian Coyne’s reflection on the Catholica website.

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