10 Tips to green the heart of your parish

  1. Reflect on the Pope’s message to us in Laudato Si’, is it for available for your community?? Broken Bay have a discussion guide here.
  2. Celebrate the wonder of Creation in your liturgy, incorporate the Season of Creation into your liturgical calendar http://seasonofcreation.org/
  3. Create a Green team in your parish– and support each other, this could be with your parish school, Social Justice group, or within the Parish Council.
  4. Use your gifts to find ways to tread gently, know your parish ecological footprint.
  5. Seek grace to Reconcile with Creation in your next Reconciliation service, undertake the 8th work of mercy – care for our common home. www.ecologicalexmen.org
  6. Love where we live – connect with local environment initiatives, create a landcare group in your parish, a community garden, get help from your local council.
  7. Learn from First Peoples and others who hold wisdom for the future
  8. Connect with others onthe journey, seek regular reports from the Earthcare network locally. Share your story with the parish community.
  9. Pray, seek hope for future generations, hold a Parish retreat.
  10. Become a Catholic Earthcare parish, develop an ecological mission in your place, undertake ecological conversion formation.