Fasting for the Climate

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Inspiration, News
Fasting for the Climate

Meatless Fridays Abstinence from meat on Fridays has long been a tradition of the Catholic Church. As with all forms of fasting, this form of self-discipline reminds us of our true dependence on God. It is also tied to charity, enabling the penitent to offer whatever food is not eaten to the poor. In this light, Catholic Earthcare and the Global Catholic Climate Movement are encouraging abstinence from meat on Fridays,  as a way to reduce our negative impact on global […]

Australia joins global carbon fast calling for decisive climate action

Posted on Feb 17, 2015 in Networks, News
Australia joins global carbon fast calling for decisive climate action

Catholic Earthcare Media Release: February 17, 2015 Catholic Earthcare Australia, as part of the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM), announced today that more than 45 countries will take part in a 40-day Lenten fast for climate justice. The fast will take place from Ash Wednesday (February 18) to March 28, with different countries leading the fast on different days of Lent. Australia will be leading the Lenten fast on March 17. Participants in the fast are praying for unity on climate change within the Catholic […]

Important Announcement

Catholic Earthcare is the part of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference which promotes ecological conversion to achieve a loving and sustainable relationship with the natural world. It uses environmental education, national and international links and advocacy to achieve this goal.

In May 2017, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference decided to incorporate Catholic Earthcare Australia into its sister agency, Caritas Australia. This change was made to strengthen the capacity of Catholic Earthcare Australia, particularly in advocating and educating about the principles of Holy Father’s 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si, and to achieve synergies with Caritas Australia’s extensive education and advocacy work around Australia, including parishes, schools and the wider Catholic community on environmental issues such as climate change.

Caritas Australia is the Church’s international aid and development agency.  As part of the global Caritas confederation operating in 190 countries, it works alongside marginalised communities in many countries and with 11 First Australian agencies here in Australia.  Promoting the principles of Laudato Si is at the centre of the global confederation and of Caritas Australia.

This website is being refined to reflect the new administrative arrangements for Catholic Earthcare Australia. For all enquiries in relation to the work of Catholic Earthcare Australia or to request assistance, please call  1800 024 413 or email

Thank you for your ongoing support of Catholic Earthcare Australia and your commitment to combating climate change and protecting the environment and ecosystems from degradation and pollution.