Gareth Johnston, NEEN National Leader

Gareth Johnston, NEEN National Leader

Our free National Energy Efficiency Network (NEEN) provides parishes and schools with the information, inspiration and support to become more energy efficient and take charge of their energy future.

Energy efficiency is not a new concept, however NEEN was developed using the learning community model, which aims to provide a rich and supportive environment to encourage strong connections and collaborative learning. There are 28 NEEN learning communities that have been established or are currently being established around the country, and these align with the 28 Catholic Dioceses around Australia.

NEEN offers our members free access to specialist energy efficiency information, an online energy use calculator, case studies, events and an online learning community forum. We also have information specifically designed for parishes, such as our Places of Worship Fact Sheet.

For more information and to become a member visit the NEEN website.

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