LS Prayer CardGod, source of all life,

we thank you for the great gift of our Earth.


Praised be to you, O Lord, for in your infinite goodness,

you blessed us with an abundant and life-giving natural world,

and gave us the capacity to nurture it for generations to come.

Thank you for enlivening us with your Spirit and light,

for through this gift we are strengthened and renewed in our mission here on Earth.


Inspired by the example of Pope Francis, grant us the humility to remember

that we are but one part of a vast ecosystem,

an integral ecology, all of which is precious in your eyes.

Enriched as we are by faith, nourished as we are through the Eucharist,

grant us the strength we need to be steadfast advocates for the voiceless,

mindful of the intrinsic importance of every living thing on Earth.


Endowed with a renewed understanding and appreciation of the Earth,

we now have a responsibility to act.

For just as we were baptised with living water and became ambassadors for Christ,

through our ecological conversion we now become ambassadors for our Earth.

May the rivers of knowledge flow on from within us as we continue to work towards an integral ecology.

Empower us, O Lord, that we may recognise social and ecological injustice in our community,

and act decisively to create meaningful change.


We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, 


Prayer by Freya Zemek

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