The Garden Planet is a video resource produced by Catholic Earthcare Australia in 2004 on behalf of the Australian Bishops. It takes up Pope John Paul II’s call to ecological conversion through the stories of the Marian school’s efforts in eco-literacy and practice, Archbishop Adrian Doyle’s experiences of walking through Tasmania’s endangered Styx Forest and the efforts of Port Kembla resident, and grandmother, Olive Rodwell to stop toxic pollution from local industry.

“This 20 minute video comes with a discussion/action booklet that helps parishes, schools, communities and organisations explore for themselves, how to best journey on the path to ecological conversion.” – Archbishop John Bathersby

“A challenging and inspiring video. I highly recommend this to individuals and community groups throughout the nation – who care about our land, and its future.” – Ian Keirnan

“Recently I was in the Styx Valley in Tasmania and I met the Archbishop of Hobart and he told me of the church’s plan to get involved with the environment. This is a marvelous thing because you can really make a difference.” – Olivia Newton John


Please note:

  • Permission is given to holders of a VHS copy of The Garden Planet to convert it to DVD format for educational use.
  • For educational purposes only, The Garden Planet may be uploaded and stored on internal digital video systems.
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