"... how vital it is to respect the ecology of nature, if we are not to cause serious harm to the world which future generations will receive from us" ... Pope Benedict XVI

Catholic Earthcare Australia has partnered with CarbonSystems to provide Catholic organisations with the means for measuring and reporting on their environmental performance as a part of the ASSISI sustainability initiative. The purpose for this partnership is firstly, to enable Catholic organisations to measure their ecological footprint and secondly, to reduce their footprint using the intelligence gained from the audit tool 'ESP' (Enterprise Sustainability Platform).

ESP is being offered through Catholic Earthcare Australia to all Catholic organisations including Catholic Schools, Education Offices, Diocesan Offices, Parishes, Agencies, Universities, Health Organisations, Religious Congregations and Orders. The ESP system can aggregate and report on all of these diverse areas and over time will enable Catholic Earthcare Australia to report on the environmental footprint of the Catholic Church in Australia. Click here for the environmental audit brochure.

Environmental Audit

The Kimberley Region Western Australia

This Environmental Audit can be used to assist parishes, schools, church agencies:


Download the Audit

Audit Revised 2006 PowerPoint Presentation(1.55MB)

Audit Revised March 2007 Powerpoint Presentation(11.3MB)

Audit Revised2007: Text only (271 KB)

Another Alternative...
An 'online' audit is also available from this website: On Holy Ground